Tory Ministers daughter calls into LBC show to lambasts Geoffrey Cox on consultant job

Daughter of former Tory Minister Jim Prior calls into LBC

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A former Tory Minister’s daughter rang LBC to complain about Geoffrey Cox, saying her dad was what “members of Parliament should be”. Tory MP Sir Geoffrey Cox has come under fire this week after it emerged he has earned £900,000 through jobs outside Parliament amid calls to ban MPs having second jobs. The controversy comes as the Conservative Party faces accusations of sleaze over the embarrassing U-turn on Owen Paterson and claims of exchanging access to the Lords for hefty donations.

LBC host James O’Brien asked: “Can I ask which side of the house your father sat on as well, just because I’m very nosy.” 

The caller answered: “The Conservative side.”  

The host said: “So you are the daughter of a Conservative MP.”

Caller Jane said: “I’m the daughter of a conservative minister, actually, Secretary of State as it happens.

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“But he’s dead now.”

The host said: “I’m sorry. Could I ask…I’m gonna find who your father was.

“I won’t let it go.”

The caller said: “Well, I can tell you if you want. His name was Jim Prior.”

The host said: “He’s one of the names that always appears in lists of a bygone age 

“Isn’t that with Willie White Lord, Jim Prior, these are politicians who are often cited as examples of how far we’ve fallen. 

“In fact, I think Claire Folgers in the Times yesterday may indeed have cited your late father in precisely that context in an article I referred to.”

The caller said in response: “He was what members of Parliament should be.

“I mean, you could go and ask anybody in the Waverly constituency as it was, whether or not he was a good member of parliament. 

“And I can tell you now that they may not have voted for him, but they will have said that he was a good member of parliament.

“He listened to them. He fought for them. And that’s what a member of parliament should do.” 

The MP and former attorney general Geoffrey Cox worked for a month in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) during lockdown.

Politicians are allowed to have second jobs outside Westminster, but the nature of these second jobs has come under the spotlight since ex-Tory MP Owen Paterson broke lobbying rules when working as a consultant.

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