‘Time to move on BBC QT audience member tells public to focus on Ukraine, not Partygate

Partygate: 'It's time to move on' says QT audience member

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Addressing the BBC panel in Romford, the audience member said that it’s “time now to move on” from the Partygate scandal and focus on the “more important issues”, such as the war in Ukraine. The young man claimed that the Government was “handling very well” the conflict in eastern Europe and added that it is what people will “actually care about” when they go to vote for local representatives next month. 

He said: “I think that it’s time now to move on. Boris Johnson has apologised to the House of Commons for what he did. 

“I think there are more important issues to worry about, such as the war in Ukraine, which I think the Government is handling very well. 

“And I think that when it comes to voting in the elections, it won’t be based on whether Boris Johnson ate a piece of cake on his birthday or not. 

“It will be, instead, on the read about issues that people like me actually care about.” 

Britain has led the way in support of Ukraine, with the nation’s President Volodymyr Zelensky calling Mr Johnson “an example” to the West. 

The UK Government has sent roughly £200 million in aid to Ukraine, as well as a range of non-lethal equipment. 

This includes more than 90,000 ration packs, at least 10 pallets (boxes) of medical equipment, more than 3,000 pieces of body armour and boots, communications equipment and roughly 77,000 helmets. 

In terms of weapons, Britain has continued to be at the forefront of supply, with defence secretary Ben Wallace having pledged a further £100 million. 

According to the Ministry of Defence, the UK has sent more than 5,000 anti-tank missiles, nearly 1,400 anti-structure munitions, five air-defence systems with at least 100 missiles, and four and a half tonnes of plastic explosives. 

In addition, Mr Wallace told MPs earlier this week that Ukrainian forces have been using Starstreak high-velocity and low-velocity anti-air missiles supplied by the UK. 

Following calls from Mr Zelensky to send more offensive weapons, Britain has begun teaching a number of Ukrainian soldiers on home soil how to use armoured vehicles. 

Alongside Polish, US and international partners, the UK has also set up an international donor coordination centre in Stuttgart, Germany, to make the delivery of military assistance to Ukraine more seamless. 

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But Mr Johnson still faces domestic issues relating to Partygate, as the PM could yet face a further six fines. 

While he has apologised for breaking lockdown rules on June 19 for his 56th birthday party, reports emerged last week that some attendees of a party that Mr Johnson has admitted to visiting have been handed fixed penalty notices. 

Downing Street was forced to deny that Mr Johnson would be handed another FPN after sources told the Guardian that an attendee had been fined. 

The event in question was a “bring your own booze” party hosted by Mr Johnson’s principal private secretary on May 20, 2020, during the first lockdown. 

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