Three candidates confirmed in race to replace Nicola Sturgeon

Douglas Ross slams Humza Yousaf's record whilst in office

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The race to replace Nicola Sturgeon is wide open with three candidates confirmed in the contest. Health Secretary Humza Yousaf is the favourite to win in a fight with Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and Edinburgh East MSP Ash Regan.

The contest has already been marred with controversy with attacks on Ms Forbes Christian beliefs.

The Finance Secretary is a member of the Free Church of Scotland – known as the Wee Frees – and has made it clear that her strong ethical views would see her oppose gay marriage while she believes trans women are biological men.

She has also said she thinks having children out of wedlock is wrong.

However, she insisted that “in a liberal society” different ethical views should be able “to sit alongside each other.”

Meanwhile, Mr Yousaf, a Glasgow MSP who has served as a minister for 11 years, has tried to capitalise on her problems by becoming the frontrunner in the contest.

He said that his Muslim faith had not prevented him from supporting issues like gay marriage even though the religion is against it.

But Unionist politicians have dubbed him “captain calamity” and made it clear that he is the one they would most like to win.

A senior SNP figure, who is backing Ms Forbes also told “If he [Yousaf] wins we will be wiped out at the next election.”

Mr Yousaf has been pilloried for his record including as Health Secretary where his time in office has seen two-year NHS waiting lists, and life expectancy in Scotland dropping.

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