Thats not a denial! Penny Mordaunt hints at challenge to get Boris Johnsons job

GMB: Adil Ray asks David Lammy if Boris Johnson should resign

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Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt took some time out of her busy American trip where she is currently securing new trade deals to boost the economy in the UK to discuss the ongoing row rocking the Conservative Party. Times Radio host Matt Chorley quizzed Ms Mordaunt on top Tory MPs vying for Boris Johnson’s seat as Prime Minister following the backlash from the allegations of a Christmas party being held at Number 10 during last years national lockdown. Mr Chorley said: “There is also speculation about some of your colleagues manoeuvring to replace the Prime Minister, were he suddenly to be disposed of what is your message to them?”

Ms Mordaunt said: “Well I think that if people are focused on leadership, we can all show leadership at this moment and the best way we can do that is to keep our eyes on the ball and what we should be doing.

“In the Navy, we study leadership quite a bit and the more you study it the more you realise it’s not so much about the leader, it’s more about the ship.

“That’s what we need at this time.”

The Times presenter asked: “You don’t fancy it yourself? if suddenly the ship needed a new leader, would you throw your hat in the ring?”

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The Trade minister replied: “I think you’ll find that I’m in Nashville, getting trade to be boosted to the UK and for the benefit of the progress of humanity.”

Mr Chorley said: “That’s not a denial, you can get yourself a nice big cowboy hat to throw into the ring.”

She responded: “Well this is the place to come and buy such an item, I can tell you that.”

Many opposition party MPs spoke out against the Prime Minister for the allegations made against him and other Tory MPs.

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Asked for a comment on the recent allegations of Tory Ministers breaking lockdown rules, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary David Lammy told the BBC, that: “He’s got to come clean with the British public.

 “It really is quite unacceptable that this is seen as something that is sort of humorous, or something that isn’t serious.

“Or something that suggests that there can be one rule for a prime minister and those in No 10 and another rule for the British public.”

Deputy leader of the Labour party Angela Rayner said: “While the rules said that people shouldn’t have Christmas parties at work and Britons across the country were doing the right thing.

“Boris Johnson was instead happy to preside over a culture of disregard for the rules at the heart of government.

Ms Rayner added: “Despite repeated denials of parties in Number 10, it now transpires that there were numerous parties, gatherings and the prime minister even took part in a festive quiz.

“Boris Johnson really believes it’s one rule for him, another for everyone else.”

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