Terrors of the earth Boris pledges brutal reprimand over misogynistic Rayner brief

Boris Johnson responds to Angela Rayner sexism controversy

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In a fierce crackdown, the Prime Minister described the comments allegedly made by a Conservative backbencher as “intolerable”, vying to come down with the hammer on such behaviour. It was reported in the Mail On Sunday that Conservative MPs had said Angela Rayner had crossed and uncrossed her legs during PMQs to distract the PM while he was speaking. 

Mr Johnson said: “I have to say I thought it was the most appalling thing of sexist, misogynist tripe. I immediately got in touch with Angela and we had a very friendly exchange. 

“If we ever find who was responsible for it, well I don’t know what we’ll do with them, but it will be the terrors of the earth. It’s totally intolerable that kind of thing.” 

It comes as an anonymous source said to the Mail: “[Ms Rayner] knows she can’t compete with Boris’s Oxford Union debating training, but she has other skills which he lacks.”


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