Stitch up! Jeremy Vine caller blasts Remainer plot to bring Boris Johnson down

Jeremy Vine: Caller slams 'anti-Brexit' plot to call election

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Jeremy Vine caller Alexander from Aberdeenshire reacted to the vote of no-confidence in Boris Johnson, which saw the Prime Minister winning by 211 votes to 148. The disgruntled caller insinuated that “Remainers” are trying to bring down Boris Johnson. He insisted “anti-Brexit people” are plotting to remove Mr Johnson as he claimed “that’s just a stitch-up here!”.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine on 5, Alexander from Aberdeenshire said: “I’d give [Boris Johnson] 10 years.

“That’s just a stitch-up here!

“I think it’s anti-Brexit people.”

Presenter Jeremy Vine commented: “Well, there we are.

“It’s the Remainers on patrol, is it?”

The caller reiterated: “All of them.

“Every [TV] programme finds anything to rake up, anything”.

The claims follow yesterday’s confidence vote in Boris Johnson, which resulted in victory marked by 211 MPs voting in support of the Prime Minister despite 41 percent of his party having voted against him.

The result was compared to Theresa May’s confidence vote in 2018 which saw the former Prime Minister winning by 200 votes to 117, but being forced to leave the office just six months later.

Despite 148 MPs not having backed him on the ballot, Boris Johnson reacted to the outcome by saying that the results were “extremely good, positive, conclusive and decisive”.

In his opening address to the Cabinet after the vote, Mr Johnson reiterated his message and claimed yesterday’s ballot was “very important” as it allows the government to “draw a line” under the latest issue he has faced.

He said: “It was a very important day because we are able now to draw a line under the issues that our opponents want to talk about and we are able to get on talking about the issues, what the issues that I think the people want and what we are doing to help them and to take the country forward.

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“That is what we are going to do. We are going to focus exclusively on that”, he stressed.

Referring to the plans for the future, he added: “We are going to get on with the massive agenda that we were elected to deliver in 2019.

“It is a huge, huge thing that we are all part of, to really transform infrastructure, skills, and technology, uniting and levelling up across the country, unleashing potential across the whole of the UK.

“It is the totally morally, socially, economically, politically the right thing to do and we should be proud, proud, proud of what we’re doing”.

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