Starmer vows we will fix Brexit deal in flagship speech

Keir Starmer outlines Labour’s missions

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Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to “fix” the Brexit deal in his flagship speech, despite not yet having read a single page of the agreement. A fresh agreement over Northern Ireland is currently being negotiated between the UK and the EU but Sir Keir is not involved in the negotiations.

Giving a speech in Manchester, the Labour leader outlined the party’s “five national missions” for Britain.

He said the Labour party will “fix the Brexit deal” and “reset our relationship with the EU.”

Yesterday, the Prime Minister accused Sir Keir of giving the EU a “blank cheque”.

He said: “For [Sir Keir] to talk about a deal he hasn’t even seen, that we’re still negotiating, that isn’t finalised … It’s his usual position when it comes to the European Union.

“It gives the EU a blank cheque and agrees to anything they offer. It’s not a strategy that’s surrender.”

He opened the address by saying the UK can “learn something from Arsenal and from Man City.”

He explained: “All the way to the end of the season, the objective for both teams is to say, win the league. A goal can be achieved only by teamwork, excellence, a blend of skills, different people pulling together on and off the pitch.”

Sir Keir added: “Tactics may change, but the pursuit is single-minded. And the focus, the ambition, the mission – that never changes.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn up to parliament in a tracksuit, but I do believe Britain needs a clearer sense of purpose and that the way we run our country can be more like a brilliant sports team pursuing victory.”

He said the Labour party will “never accept that this country is destine#d for decline. That our best days belong to the past. Success is all around us – it just needs direction. People have huge ambitions for their community – they just need them matched.”

Hitting out at the Conservative Party, he said: “We lurch from crisis to crisis. Always reacting, always behind the curve. A sticking plaster, never a cure.”


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