Stand up for our fishermen! SNP confronted as dangerous EU vessels dumping gear at sea

Nicola Sturgeon responds to question on unsafe fishing vessels

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Nicola Sturgeon has been confronted over the plight of Scottish fishermen at First Minster’s Questions amid reports of EU-registered vessels dumping fishing gear overboard. The Liberal Democrat MSP for the Shetland Islands, Beatrice Wishart raised the issue with the SNP leader, describing the practice as “dangerous as well as bad for the marine environment.” She went on to grill Ms Sturgeon on what actions were being taken to police Scottish waters. 

Citing a Scottish fisherman, Ms Wishart told MSP: “There are reports of non-UK fishing vessels…dumping all their fishing gear overboard 

“This is dangerous as well as bad for the marine environment.”

The Liberal Democrat MSP went on to ask why fishery patrol vessels were not patrolling more actively at sea.

She added: “What is being done to keep our fishing vessels and those onboard them safer?”


In response to the concerns raised about the safety of fishermen at sea the First Minister agreed it was important to protect Scottish fishing vessels. 

But the SNP leader did not lay out any news plans or measure to keep those operating at sea safe from EU vessels “dumping” fishing material.

Ms Sturgeon did tell the Lib Dem MSP that she was happy to speak to the man referred to in the case study directly.

It comes as Scottish fishermen expressed alarm at Ms Sturgeon’s future plans for an independent Scotland.


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