Sophy Ridge loses it as Jenrick refuses to reveal new Covid rules – ‘We’re not stupid!’

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The Sky News host blsated Mr Jenrick after she attempted to find out three times what the future coronavirus restrictions for the most affected areas of the UK will be come Monday. Mr Jenrick said the Prime Minister will make an announcement in the Commons and claimed he did not want to “preempt what he intends to say”. He added: “In addition to the basic simple rules that apply to the whole country, we’re designing a framework for those places where the virus is very strong.

“And there will be some rules which apply consistently but then also we’re in very productive conversations with local leaders, local directors of Public Health to ask them if there are any further measures that they would support which will help to control the virus in their local communities.”

Sophy Ridge attempted to get more details on the new measures by asking: “On what basis will areas move between different levels?

“Will it be based on case numbers, the R rate, hospital admissions?

“Will there be a publicly available system?”

Once again, Mr Jenrick said she would have to “wait to see what the Prime Minister says on that regard”.

The Sky News host pressed again: “What exactly should people expect if they are in the highest tear?

“Could there be a ban on mixing with other households even outside?

“What businesses should be expecting to be told to close? Pubs? Restaurants?”

As the Communities Secretary told her she would have to wait for the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday to get an answer, Ms Ridge blasted: “With respect, you say it wouldn’t be right for you to say that, but we’ve been given briefings for a long time in the newspapers.

“Every time you pick up the press you can see more leaks.

“Local leaders are saying that they’re finding out what’s going on by reading these leaks.

“We’re not stupid, they’re obviously coming from Government.

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“Tens of millions of people will be feeling that sick fear of uncertainty not sure what’s coming.

“You’ve got an opportunity here to give people the clarity that they need and businesses need, and you’re just ducking the questions.”

He replied: “That’s not right, the Prime Minister is going to set out the way forward in the House of Commons.

“That is the right way to proceed.”

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