Scottish independence: Sturgeon should NOT get second vote You lost! – Express poll

Nicola Sturgeon blasted for endless quest for independence

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In a poll which ran from 9am on Thursday, March 24, to 11am on Friday, March 25, asked: “Should Scotland be allowed to hold another independence referendum?” A total of 4,257 people responded with hundreds of comments left in a lively debate below the accompanying article.

The overwhelming majority – 88 percent (3,731 people) – said “no”, Scotland should not be allowed to hold another independence referendum.

A further 12 percent (505 people) said “yes” they should be allowed to and just 21 people said they did not know.

In the comments it was clear readers felt the referendum in 2014 was decisive and that Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should not be allowed to hold another.

Username electriceel said: “Does Sturgeon not understand the principle of ‘once in a lifetime vote’.”

And username Spekybeky wrote: “NO she shouldn’t be allowed another referendum, we had one, they lost and if we had another they’d lose again and would keep wanting another and another.”

Meanwhile, username Grandma Sue said: “So Sturgeon’s idea of democracy is to hold a referendum, but if she doesn’t like the result it’s the best out of three, or maybe then five.

“The people of Scotland already had the vote for independence, they chose to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

Ms Sturgeon previously held a referendum on Scottish independence in September 2014 – the results were 55-45 percent in favour of staying in the United Kingdom.

Username FlameStrike wrote: “No. Scotland should not be allowed to hold another independence referendum. The vote on it was given in 2014 and the majority response was no. It was fair and final.”

In reply, username Caliban said: “I agree that the result was fair but I honestly don’t think that while Sturgeon is in power she will stop trying to have her wish granted.

“The only problem will be that when it doesn’t work out as she has expected, Scotland will be much poorer for it and want to go back to the UK.”

Others agreed that a second referendum was not in Scotland’s best interest.

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Username Susandenham said: “It’s pointless giving another independence referendum. The majority of Scots don’t want to leave the UK…we said so in 2014 and most of us don’t even want more money and time wasted on another referendum so we will say NO again.”

Meanwhile, some felt not enough time had passed to warrant a second referendum.

Username ValBrooker wrote: “Not enough time has elapsed since the previous one. It was a once in a generation ballot, forty years. It has only been 8 years, so they will have to wait another 32 years before holding it again.”

Ms Sturgeon has recently renewed calls for a second Scottish independence referendum in the current parliamentary term, proposing a vote by the end of next year.

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