Russian commander killed DELIBERATELY by his own troops in humiliatingly loss for Putin

Putin ‘completely lost’ ground war says Alina Frolova

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It is believed he was run over by his own men while in Ukraine taking part in the Kremlin’s war.

Western officials say there has been no sign off progress from Russia over the past week as the invasion continues to go disastrously wrong.

Thousands of Russian troops have been killed since the start of the conflict on February 24, including seven generals.

As soldiers begin to lose patience with their commanders for sending them in to fight a war many did not want, there are now signs of anarchy among the ranks.

A Western official said: “The commander of one of the units was killed by his own troops and killed by his own troops as a consequence of the scale of losses that had been taken by his brigade.

“That just gives an insight into some of the moral challenges that Russian forces are having.”

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