Queen should make key political decisions as PM issued ‘damning indictment’ in new poll

Techne UK Chief Executive reflects on political and royal polls

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As the country continues to be gripped with Platinum Jubilee mania, an exclusive Techne UK poll for Express.co.uk revealed that more than half of respondents (53 percent) would like the 96-year-old Queen to make the key decisions. Just a third (33 percent) trust Britain’s politicians more. The results come after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was booed when he arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral for the service dedicated to the Queen’s 70-year service to the nation.

The results come despite efforts by republicans to use the Jubilee celebrations as a platform to push an anti-monarchist agenda with posters saying, “Let’s make it Queen Elizabeth the last.”

Instead, voters appear to have reacted angrily to the lockdown breaking scandals which have hit the main parties.

Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo described the result as “a quite damning indictment for politicians.”

She said: “We can see that UK politics and politicians are held in very low regard by voters.

“In stark contrast from politicians and the political class, the Queen and her enduring service and stability continues to represent a clear point for national support and celebration.”

This week Mr Johnson is facing a fight to save his political career with speculation that enough Tory MPs have submitted a letter to reach the threshold of 54 to trigger a vote of confidence in him.

It follows him being fined for eating cake on his birthday among 126 fines being issued for lockdown breaking parties in Downing Street.

Meanwhile, the Labour leadership is gripped by its own scandal with Durham Police investigating an event last year involving the party’s leader Sir Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner.

At the event on April 30 2021, Starmer, Rayner and 18 others devoured more than £200 of curry washed down with beer.

At first, they tried to claim it was not pre-planned until a memo revealed that it was, they also claimed Rayner was not present and it emerged she was there.

The Techne UK polling of 1,624 people on May 31 and June 1 also showed that confidence in politics is so low that less than half of people (48 percent) would definitely vote in a general election.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) are highly unlikely to vote, this includes 35 percent of all 18-24-year-olds polled.

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The polling shows that more than three quarters of pensioners aged 65 (76 percent) and over hanker for the Monarch to take control of Britain’s decision making.

A majority of every age group from 45 onwards believe the Queen would be better at making decisions for the country and rely on her seven decades of wisdom and experience.

Only younger voters, who also are statistically less likely to vote, are more likely to rely on elected politicians. But even they are evenly split over who they would prefer to run the country.

Writing for Express.co.uk, former minister Sir John Hayes explained why so many people would be willing to put their trust in the Queen.

He said: “The personal reach of the Monarchy is truly remarkable, with approximately one third of all Britons having personally met or seen the Queen, as well as the millions more who will, at one time or another, have come into contact with a member of her family in the course of their royal duties.

“The monarchy simultaneously brings both style and substance; form and function. The intimate link between subject and sovereign bestows upon each of us a sense of majesty’s magic – for the Royal Family’s ancient lineage means their family history is our history.

“This connection gives life to the reciprocal sense of ownership which means that Her Majesty is our Queen and we are her people.”

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