Police investigating New Naratif for allegedly publishing illegal paid election ads on Facebook

SINGAPORE – The Assistant Returning Officer has filed a police report against socio-political website New Naratif for allegedly publishing paid advertisements that amounted to the illegal conduct of election activity, the Elections Department (ELD) has said.

The police confirmed that the report was made and added that they are investigating the matter.

In a statement on Friday (Sept 18), the ELD said the Assistant Returning Officer had issued notices to Facebook on July 3, 7 and 8, during the campaign period for the 2020 General Election to remove five unauthorised paid advertisements published on its platform by New Naratif.

The ELD said the ads amounted to election activity, defined in the Parliamentary Elections Act as any activity which is done for the purpose of promoting or procuring the electoral success at any election for one or more identifiable political parties, candidates or groups of candidates; or prejudicing the electoral prospects of other political parties, candidates or groups of candidates at the election.

“Neither New Naratif nor its representatives or agents were authorised by any candidate or election agent in this general election to conduct election activity,” the ELD said.

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