Only 1/3 want independence! Nicola Sturgeon rattled over Scottish IndyRef2 support

Nicola Sturgeon rattled over Scottish independence support

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Nicola Sturgeon has persisted in demands for another independence referendum for Scotland despite an apparent lack of support from the Scottish people. A recent opinion poll of Scottish voters suggested only one-third supported the SNP’s persistent calls for independence. The First Minister of Scotland promised a further independence referendum would be delivered to the Scottish people following the end of the Covid pandemic.

Radio 4 presenter Martha Kearney challenged the SNP leader with polling evidence that Scotland does not thoroughly support her insistence on an additional referendum.

Ms Kearney explained: “Holding another independence referendum by the end of 2023, that’s stressed in your election manifesto for these elections – does success mean greater determination to push a referendum through?”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “Not really, because I’m pretty determined to do that.”

“The language you used there was a bit pejorative ‘push it through.’

“I stood for reelection as First Minister this time last year on the proposition that I would seek to have an independence referendum within the first half of this parliamentary term.”

Reflecting on the most recent election, Ms Sturgeon said: “Of course, my party back then won a historically high share of the votes.

“What we seek to do is implement and exercise that democratic mandate.”

Ms Kearney challenged the SNP leader: “Well no, the most recent opinion poll did say that only a third of voters support the idea – that’s according to a poll out at the beginning of April.

Ms Sturgeon deflected the suggestions of the broadcaster: “You’ll find different findings and opinion polls depending on exactly how that question is framed.

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“Of course, if there’s doubt about what people think about independence, then surely the democratic way to decide that is in a referendum.”

Ms Sturgeon was adamant Scotland should still face another referendum despite the polling evidence that her policy lacked Scottish support.

She added: “The point I was going to finish there is that it is about giving people a democratic choice.

“I support independence, I always have done.

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“I think it would be best for Scotland and also include the best way for Scotland to exercise constructive influence internationally as well.”

She continued: “Ultimately it is for people in Scotland to decide.”

According to polling data collected by the Economist, only one-third of Scottish people want another referendum.

The SNP’s campaign for Scottish independence suffered a chronic defeat in the 2014 referendum for independence in which 55 percent of Scots voted to remain within the United Kingdom.

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