‘One follows other like night follows day’ Neil reveals stark tax truth hidden in budget

Brexit: Rishi Sunak on tax system that makes 'no sense'

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Andrew Neil warned Britons will face an increased tax burden because of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s proposals to help Britain recover from the pandemic. Rishi Sunak unveiled his plan to the Commons on Wednesday, revealing the Government’s strategy to raise taxes to what is expected to be the highest level since the war. Speaking to LBC, Mr Neil said: “Let me try to put this in some perspective.

“We’re moving into an era of big Government. Big Government is back, it was rolled back under Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in America.

“Mr Clinton continued with that so did Mr Blair in Britain. Mr Clinton said the era of Government is now over – he was right at the time but he’s no longer right.

“Everywhere you look, governments are expanding. Covid has had the effect on the size of Government the war used to have.

“The state expanded under war, it continued to expand after the war, Covid has expanded the state, it’s continued to expand.”

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He continued: “The state grows in America, in Britain, in France, in Germany, even in China the state is even larger.

“You get no big government with no big taxes. The two go together, the one follows the other like night follows day. And that’s what you’re now seeing.

“To finance a big government, you need big taxes and we’re getting a lot of big taxes coming in.

“In around three years’ time, three taxes along – rise in income tax, rise in National Insurance, rise in corporation tax – they will increase the overall tax burden by £36bn a year. It will be the highest since 1950.”

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