Nothing off table Boris and Biden clash over PMs cost of living plan to cut green fuels

Johnson urges G7 allies to stand firm in support of Ukraine

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While the Prime Minister plans to urge the leaders of the G7 to follow suit, the Telegraph has reported Mr Biden will try to block the plans. Mr Johnson believes that the push for green fuel use in the UK should be relaxed to ease the cost of living crisis, despite biofuel being a key element of the Government’s net zero plan.

In order to keep these net zero targets in check, the uptake in electric vehicle use will have to increase quickly.

Boris Johnson will address leaders at the G7 Summit in Germany on Monday in a bid to encourage them to reconsider using the land currently used for biofuel-made from crops to grow more food to tackle rising food costs and food shortages.

Mr Johnson said: “While Vladimir Putin continues his futile and unprovoked war in Ukraine and cravenly blockades millions of tonnes of grain, the world’s poorest people are inching closer to starvation.

“From emergency food aid to reviewing our own biofuel use, the UK is playing its part to address this pernicious global crisis.”

If the land used in Britain to grow crops for UK biofuel was converted to food production it is estimated it could produce enough food for 3.5million people.

The plan is to reduce the amount of biofuel used across the globe by 10 percent, which will impact the requirement for E10 at petrol forecourts.

While the plan is understood to have been backed by Germany, the US and Canada have rejected the idea.

This means Mr Johnson’s strategy may fail as support is needed from all G7 nations.

According to Reuters, Germany believes that “a temporary waiver on biofuel would be an important signal by the G7 to reduce grain prices in the short term and to relax the market situation”.

Officials from Washington stated Biden’s position on the plan on Sunday night.

They claimed the POTUS will attempt to stop the plans in a bid to protect farmers in the US and to avoid threatening the climate pledges.

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Steve Baker, a member of Net Zero Watch said: “However, much we desire to look after our environment, we also need to implement policies that stack up with reality.”

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However, the Prime Minister is expected to tell the G7 later today: “Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine are creating terrible aftershocks across the world, driving up energy and food prices as millions of people are on the brink of famine.

“Only Putin can end this needless and futile war, but global leaders need to come together and apply their combined economic and political heft to help Ukraine and make life easier for households across the world.

“Nothing should be off the table.”

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