Nicola Sturgeon under fire: SNP leader targeted by own supporters over ‘covidiot’ MP

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Margaret Ferrier had the SNP whip withdrawn following revelations about her irresponsible behaviour after developing COVID-19 symptoms. Now a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed a furious backlash against Ms Sturgeon and the party due to the scandal.

The Rutherglen MP developed coronavirus symptoms and took a test on Saturday, September 26th.

But Ms Ferrier defied rules to curb the spread of coronavirus after travelling to London, despite suffering symptoms and taking a Covid test.

After the rest returned positive, she travelled back to Glasgow instead of isolating – another risky and unnecessary journey.

Ms Ferrier has refused to step down despite calls from the Scottish First Minister.

Police Scotland is investigating the incident along with the House of Commons Parliamentary Standards Committee.

Released through FOI laws, critics have hit out at the First Minister claiming the shamed MP made Scotland look like a “dictatorship.”

One email, sent to the First Minister’s email address, said: “I have therefore obeyed the law scrupulously, and today delivered some food to my lady but stayed outside her house with minimum contact.

“I now see on the news that Margaret Ferrier has broken the rules on travel, not once but twice over the last few days.

“I am more than disturbed by this, because if those who make the laws cannot keep them, and do not face the same sanctions as the general public, then we are approaching a dictatorship!

“That may seem a harsh criticism, but it is a fact. We must live under the same laws for all.”

Another young woman, who spent four days in a hospital high dependency unit battling the shocking virus, added: “To see what Margaret Ferrier has done has genuinely made me feel quite sick, to have symptoms and to have been tested but to go on public transport to London, all the people she’s put at risk.

“I can’t even describe in words how sickening, selfish and horrible that is.

“Talking from someone that had the virus and I won’t recover for another 6 months with my lungs still not right.

“I struggle to get upstairs without feeling breathless, how dare she do that.”

She concluded: “I’m an SNP voter but this alone has lost my vote.”

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James Kelly, Scottish Labour’s Standards spokesman, has also written to Ms Sturgeon’s husband and SNP chief executive Peter Murrell over the actions.

Mr Kelly wrote to Mr Murrell: “It is difficult for me to convey the level of anger that is felt by her constituents.

“I would hope you would appreciate the fury of the many people living in the constituency who have been following the rules and adhering to the restrictions while their local MP acted in a manner which suggested she was exempt from the rules.

“It is staggering that 70 days on, the SNP has taken no further action and Margaret Ferrier remains a member of the SNP.

“It is gravely disappointing that there has been no move from the SNP leadership to begin proceedings to expel Margaret Ferrier from the SNP.


“These are the actions of a complacent leadership who have no regard for the feelings of people in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency.”

Graham Simpson, Scottish Tory Transport spokesman, added: “Margaret Ferrier’s actions were disgraceful.

“It is little wonder that people wanted to vent their fury.”

In response, an SNP spokesperson said the MP remained suspended from the party.

They added: “Margaret Ferrier’s actions were indefensible.

“First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been clear that she should resign.”

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