Nicola Sturgeon takes swipe at Boris as she insists ‘she’s realistic’ during coronavirus

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The Scottish First Minister said she sometimes feels like the “voice of doom” as she discussed her “cautious” response to the coronavirus crisis. She said: “I do sometimes feel like I am the voice of doom, but I have a duty to be realistic.”

Ms Sturgeon also launched an attacked the UK Government over their “mixed messaging” during the coronavirus pandemic, which have not been “clear enough”.

She said: “I have tried to impose self-discipline about not criticising other leaders elsewhere because we are all dealing with a difficult situation.

“I am pretty sure everybody is trying to do their best but I think mixed messaging has been an issue from the UK government, both in not being clear enough about the decisions they are taking where they apply to England only, so there is the potential for confusion, but also just mixed messaging in saying: ‘Get back to work’, but also ‘the virus is still a threat’.”

But, speaking to The Scotsman, Ms Sturgeon insisted “I don’t have an anti-English bone in my body” after she threatened to impose quarantine measures on visitors from England into Scotland.

She added: “I am a passionate believer in Scotland being independent.

“I know the border has all sorts of issues and debates around it but that’s not what this is about.

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“This is about a public health crisis and how you best tackle it.

“I think people who can’t see that or possibly, even worse, who refuse to see it because they would rather play the politics of the situation do need to take a step back and take a look at themselves.”

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The SNP leader’s comments could be seen as a direct jab at Prime Minister Mr Johnson as she continues to usurp authority in Westminster by breaking away from the UK-wide strategy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the crisis, she been accused of playing party politics by announcing decisions in relation to a COBRA meeting ahead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson early on in the pandemic.

Ms Sturgeon also set up a Scottish volunteer scheme instead of a UK-wide scheme and has named the UK-funded NHS hospital after a Scottish nurse instead of NHS Nightingale Glasgow.

Meanwhile, the SNP leader stunned officials in Downing Street when she decided to keep Scotland on lockdown for weeks longer despite relaxed rules in England.


And most recently, she broke away from the UK policy on social distancing rules and wearing face masks in public.

Meanwhile, during the same interview, Ms Sturgeon admitted her Scottish National Party are “agonising” over their wrongdoings as she rallied on her fractured party to unite.

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