Nadine Dorries issues stark warning to Truss as Tory rating stumbles

Nadine Dorries retweet branded 'dangerous' by Greg Hands

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Nadine Dorries has issued a stark warning to Liz Truss over the Conservative Party’s drop in ratings. While pointing out the areas where Ms Truss has fallen, Ms Dorries has also offered some advice which may help to bring back the trust the Conservatives have lost.

Writing for the Daily Mail Boris Johnson loyalist Ms Dorries explained she is experiencing the same “frission of alarms” as she did five years ago when Theresa May was close to losing the General election.

As one of the biggest supporters of Mr Johnson, she wrote: “Our big beast has gone.”

Suggesting some ways to getting back to the heart of British public, she said: “Cutting taxation is a laudable Conservative ambition. I’m with her.

“But there are ways to do it. If you want to decrease personal taxation, do it incrementally and carefully, like Margaret Thatcher did.

“You can’t spring fiscal surprises on the markets at a time when the global economy is fragile and not expect them to react negatively. It was always going to happen.”

Tory party ratings have gone down over the last few days as the UK goes through financial and economic turmoil.

Ms Dorries said: “With rising costs a terrifying prospect, it’s time to get real about the difficulties that so many ordinary families – those millions of middle-ground voters – face this winter.

“And it’s time to get real about a Conservative Party which desperately needs to pull together.

“If we don’t, the outlook is very bleak indeed.”

She has suggested Ms Truss to get Grant Shapps back in an important role.

She said: “So for what it’s worth, here is my advice to Liz Truss in a desperate attempt to reverse the self-harm Conservative MPs have inflicted on our party.

“Bring Grant Shapps inside the tent of Government.

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“Grant toured the party conference trying to convince MPs that he’s the continuity candidate. MPs don’t agree. He has always had ambitions to be Prime Minister, but many of us have had to realise at some point that it’s not what we were put on this planet to do.

“I’ve known Grant for many years. While the party wants a winner, not a continuity project, he has huge experience and many skills – and would never stab Liz in the back.

She needs him on the inside, aiming out, not the other way round.”

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