Miliband can ruin labours chance of winning

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Labour insiders fear ex-leader Ed Miliband could ruin their party’s chance of winning the next election.

They believe Mr Miliband, the Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero, has too much influence over Keir Starmer.

One former Labour frontbencher said his determination to push for “green” policies could cost Labour votes in Scotland, where thousands of people work
in the oil and gas industries.

They said: “Ed Miliband has too much influence. People think it is very strange, as Ed’s reforms to the party are what allowed Jeremy Corbyn to become leader and got us into this mess.”

“We have got to look at a balanced energy policy, not one that ignores oil and gas.”

“It’s an issue that is splitting the SNP and we should be taking advantage of that.”

“To win, we need a balanced policy, and people don’t see Ed Miliband producing that.”

“Let’s be very clear, we have a mountain to climb. The disaster of 2019 means that we have a massive number of seats to catch up on.”

Meanwhile, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has said Labour is prepared to “take on” and defeat Mr Corbyn if he stands as an independent at the next election.

Sir Keir last week said Mr Corbyn will not be allowed to stand as a Labour candidate again. It raises the prospect of him standing as an independent in the Islington North constituency that he has represented for 40 years – pitting him against a Labour candidate yet to be chosen by the party.

Ms Reeves said: “It’s up to Jeremy Corbyn to decide what he wants to do, whether he wants to stand against the party that has given him so much.”

“But we are happy to take him on and fight for every seat at the next election.”

“It’s up to the people of Islington North how they vote but people will know that the election is a choice between a Labour government and a Conser­­vative ­government, and voting for anyone else is a bit of a wasted vote.”

Furious Left-wing MPs have accused Sir Keir of “vindictive ruthlessness” and claim he is intent on driving them out of the party.

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