Labour infighting chaos: Owen Jones slates Starmer for claiming wins started under Corbyn

Labour not offering 'inspiring vision' says Owen Jones

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Owen Jones has furiously savaged the record of Sir Keir Starmer as Labour Party leader following the overnight local election results. While Labour made significant wins in London, the party has struggled to make gains outside of the capital. Speaking to Jeremy Vine, Mr Jones said that Labour struggling to deliver a resounding win across the country was “a problem” given the spate of scandals and controversies surrounding Boris Johnson. 

He turned on Sir Keir, saying that while people treat him as a “man of integrity and a man of honour,” Mr Jones claimed: “That guy lied to the Labour membership in order to get elected”.

Also on the programme, the Telegraph’s Christopher Hope said that surprisingly the Labour Party fared better under Jeremy Corbyn than Sir Keir Starmer outside of London.

Fellow Jeremy Vine guest panellist Dawn Neesom said: “The Tories have been hammered in London, I don’t think anyone is overly surprised by that.

“But in the rest of the country, they don’t appear to have done as badly as they were predicted.”

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Mr Jones echoed this, saying “the Labour leadership is completely uninspiring and failing to offer a vision for the country”.

He noted that Labour’s wins in London started under Jeremy Corbyn, adding: “These are big symbolic wins for the Labour but they were already shifting towards Labour.

“In 2018, under Corbyn, Labour won the popular vote in Wandsworth. London has become a Labour city.

“But the problem is that Boris Johnson, in my view, is a lying crook and has overseen one of the worst scandals of any modern government with partygate as well as presiding over the worst cost of living crisis.

“If Labour cannot make inroads, in mid-term when voters like to give the Government a bloody nose, that is a problem.”

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The Telegraph’s Christopher Hope chimed in: “London is a one-party state but elsewhere, Starmer’s doing worse than Corbyn did in 2018.”

Mr Jones added: “Keir Starmer, we are supposed to treat him as a man of integrity, and a man of honour, but that guy lied to the Labour membership in order to get elected.

“He vowed to unite the party, and push radical domestic policies, he has done exactly the opposite.

“People don’t know what Labour stands for.”


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This comes after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer described Labour’s gains as “absolutely brilliant” and a “big turning point” for the party.

Sir Keir said the results have “sent a message to the PM that Britain deserves better”.

However, while Labour took three symbolic London councils from the Conservatives, the party is making only modest gains outside London.

This was summed up by Professor Sir John Curtice who told the BBC this morning: “The trouble is, outside of London, Labour share of the vote was actually down slightly.

“In terms of seats won and lost, while it’s made net gains in London, it’s actually made a slight net loss outside of London.

“So outside of London, it’s a rather different story. And of course, Labour can’t win Westminster parliament by simply winning Westminster council.”

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