Justice secretary Robert Buckland dismisses reports UK wants to try and opt out of European Convention on Human Rights

The justice secretary has dismissed reports that the government wants to try and opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights, amid heavy criticism from opposition parties.

Robert Buckland, who earlier defended the prime minister’s Brexit strategy in a Sky News interview, said such suggestions are “for the birds”.

In an interview with Times Radio, he said leaving the convention would be “wholly wrong” and that ministers should focus on streamlining domestic laws instead.

The ECHR is a landmark treaty that was devised in the wake of the Second World War.

Its aim is to safeguard the civil and political rights of EU citizens.

But the Sunday Telegraph reported that Boris Johnson is preparing to withdraw from major parts of European human rights laws in order to ease migrant deportation cases.

Asked about this, Mr Buckland said: “The idea that we’re going to leave the convention is for the birds.

“You know, it was British Conservative lawyers who wrote the damn thing back in 1950.

“We wrote it because we were leaders of Europe when it came to freedom, we wanted to underline the importance of fundamental rights and freedoms back then and that frankly for me is hugely important.

“It is a badge of honour for this country that we did that.”

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