Greater split in France now than UK on Brexit in 2016: Farage hits out at Macron

France: 'Greater split than UK during Brexit' says Farage

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Mr Farage said that France was facing a big divide in voting as Britons did in 2016 with the Brexit referendum. Candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face off in the next round of voting head to head, to see who will be the President of France. GB News presenter Nigel Farage claimed people in Paris are angry as it’s “pretty much a foreign country” now comparing France to Britain in the 1970s.

Mr Farage said: “Strong results for Le Pen, strong results also for Mélenchon who got a lot more votes than anyone thought at 20%.

“Look, France is in a very unhappy place it reminds me of the UK back in the 1970s.

“People are not happy, people are angry, there is a feeling that Paris is pretty much a foreign country.

“And that’s an even greater split than we had in our country with the Brexit vote back in 2016.

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Mr Farage added: “So I think in many ways, I have to say it’s all to play for.

“But it will all depend on one thing, on the 20th of this month there will be a head-to-head debate.

“That will decide who wins this French presidential election.”

Far-right Marine Le Pen spoke to Mr Farage in 2017, and during the interview chose to advocate for Frexit in 2016, vowing to hold a vote in France, to decide if they should leave Europe or not.

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Ms Le Pen said:  “We had been told that it was not possible to leave the EU, and the UK has just demonstrated that, when the people want it, we can set up the conditions to exit the EU. So thank you for showing us the way out of this huge prison.”

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Le Pen claimed she regretted “a little” the fact that the UK would not be able to help reform the European Union internally.

Ms Le Pen said: “Britain voted to leave the EU — it did not vote to leave Europe.

“An alliance of European nations will be the future and the UK could come back. The choice should be between leaving and staying in a reformed EU.”

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Mr Macron has warned that Brexit style vote for France, which may cause upset for some.

Mr Macron told a crowd: “Don’t believe the pollsters or the pundits who tell you that it’s impossible, unthinkable, that the election is over, that all will be fine.

“Look at us! Five years ago, they said it was impossible.

“Look at Brexit and so many elections, all that seemed improbable and yet came to pass.

“Nothing is impossible.”

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