‘Got nothing here!’ Leigh local blasts state of town as Truss levelling up pledge squashed

Leigh: Local blasts state of town and levelling up pledge

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The residents of Leigh have blasted the state of their town amid a pledge from Tory leadership frontrunner Liz Truss to review levelling up funding across the country. In the wake of Ms Truss’s promise to redress the economic imbalance across Britain, GB News’s Paul Hawkins checked in with the people of Leigh on their feelings about funding in their area. 

“There is no train station, they have not had one for over thirty years,” a resident told the GB News reporter. 

“We’ve got nothing here,” continued a woman.

“Only scruff! Look at it. Like a pig hole!”

It comes as Ms Truss has branded proposals to agree support for rising energy bills with the Government and Mr Sunak before the Tory leadership contest is over as “bizarre”.

Education Secretary and Truss supporter James Cleverly told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “It’s not in the hands of her or the campaign team to truncate this process.

“I would love it if Liz stepped into Number 10 Downing Street tomorrow but that’s not in her gift.”

He added: “In order to bring about changes to tax systems or to financial support systems, we need to have votes in the House, that needs to go through a proper scrutiny process.

“It is not as simple as recalling Parliament to have an emergency debate on something like military action, which is a very simple one-question yes or no answer.

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“An emergency budget needs to be a comprehensive and by definition, therefore, a complicated thing. It’s not just one day sitting, it’s an extended process of debate in Parliament, and that is best done when Parliament has come back in September, and that’s what Liz has committed to do.”

Mr Cleverly said Ms Truss “will look at” the energy price rises through an emergency budget.

He told Sky News: “We have already got a support package in place, a very, very significant, unprecedentedly large support package in place.

“We recognise that prices are projected to go up higher than the initial projections and so that’s why Liz has said that she will look at that, that’s best done through an emergency budget.

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“That’s not something you can do through a recall of Parliament – we have to do that when we have a new prime minister when the House comes back in September, and we can do that before those prices go up in October, as we know they inevitably will.”

Ms Villiers said “no government can insulate everyone” from the rising cost of energy, but that Mr Sunak “certainly recognises that we need to do more”.

She told Sky News: “Rishi’s determined, if he’s PM, to do as much as he can to help people through what is a crisis around the world with energy bills.

“I mean, sadly, no government can insulate everyone from all these costs, but Rishi certainly recognises that we need to do more and he’s already said we should suspend VAT on energy bills.”

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