Glad we have a deterrent now? BBCs Raworth challenges Lammy on nuclear vote record

David Lammy grilled by Trevor Phillips on sanctions statement

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The BBC Sunday Morning presenter suggested David Lammy is likely to be “relieved” the UK continues to have a nuclear deterrent now Russia has taken on an incredibly hostile stance. Sophie Raworth cited Mr Lammy’s voting record to point out he had previously voted against Britain maintaining nuclear weapons. Ms Raworth said: “You voted against the UK having a nuclear deterrent in 2016.

“You must be relieved now we have one.”

Mr Lammy said: “I think that was about an increase in the nuclear deterrent.

“None of us want to see nuclear weapons used.

“We should not use the phrase lightly but, of course, Britain must do all it can with its NATO allies to stand up to Vladimir Putin’s threats.”


In 2016, David Lammy voted against replacing four Trident nuclear missile submarines.

A year earlier, he rejected proposals to renew the Trident system, however, he continuously backed plans to maintain a minimum strategic nuclear deterrent.

The shadow Foreign Secretary on Sunday called on the Government to agree on further sanctions against Russia to target insurance companies, luxury goods exports and further banks.

The UK on Saturday reached an agreement with the European Union and the United States to cut Moscow off the Swift banking system in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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