Gina Miller humiliated as new political party sensationally flops in first month

Gina Miller discusses her new True and Fair political party

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The party has a grand total of just 2,496 followers on social media, despite the founder’s high public profile. Brexiteers have revelled in the failure of True and Fair’s humiliating first month, saying it is clear proof question of the UK in EU has been settled.

Ms Miller launched her political vehicle on January 13 at Westminster’s Queen Elizabeth II centre.

The event was sparsely attended, with just 13 people in attendance.

A statement from a True and Fair spokesperson afterwards claimed the poor turnout was due to Covid.

They said: “We made the decision not to invite supporters to our launch today to observe Covid guidelines.

“Hundreds of people were bitterly disappointed not to be able to attend in person.

“If the Prime Minister made his own common sense decisions then maybe he wouldn’t be facing this crisis.”

But despite shrugging off the claims, the party has failed to build any sort of momentum in its first month.

Even the official Twitter account of the Governor to the Falklands Islands, the fourth-smallest territory in the world with a population of approximately 3,500, has a bigger social media presence.

The @GHFalklands account has 6,838 followers.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told “It shows the arch-Remainers that the appetite of the country for going back to being in the European Union is very low.

“There’s no interest and I think that’s being ‘true and fair’.”

He added: “I think if she was ‘true and fair’ she would admit it’s been a complete flop and there’s no desire in the country to return us to her vision of being in the European Union.”

True and Fair does not publish membership figures online.

However, a spokesperson for the party told this website: “True and Fair is very pleased with the level of support the Party has seen in the short time since launch.

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“The True and Fair Party’s membership continues to grow daily as we speak to more and more people, listen to their concerns about the state of our politics and their desire for reforms to standards in public life.”

When launching her new party, Ms Miller said her party would “give voters the opportunity to vote for a party they can genuinely believe in”.

She went on: “Over the coming months, the True and Fair Party will publish its detailed programme for institutional, economic and social policy reform.

“For bolstering the separation of powers and strengthen our democracy.

“A programme that will have positive ripple effects across all policy-making and departments.

“Rather than lurching from crisis to crisis, there would be proper bandwidth for better strategic thinking.

“More comprehensive and considered long-term planning.

“Transparency and robust evaluation, to ensure better value for taxpayers.”

The activist claimed internal polling suggested 66 percent of Britons would consider voting for a new political party.

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