George Galloway tears apart Owen Jones and points out anti-Tory logic flaw

Owen Jones 'is very easily shot down' says Galloway

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George Galloway was invited onto the Free Speech Nation podcast hosted by GB News’ Andrew Doyle where the presenter addressed columnist Owen Jones challenging him to a debate. Mr Doyle said he had no problem doing so but disliked the hostile way he was asked on Twitter and hated how Mr Jones has an extremely critical view of Conservatives claiming he often calls them slurs and saying he would never vote for them. Mr Galloway, who has had several run-ins with Mr Jones, said the journalist was “easy” to debate before proving his point by dissecting his anti-Tory views. 

Several weeks ago, the Triggernometry podcast asked Mr Jones and Mr Doyle to appear on the show to debate each other with Mr Doyle saying he would welcome it. 

However, Mr Jones said: “Hi Andrew – you’ve refused to come on my podcast because you’re upset I’ve been mean about your imploding TV channel.

“Until you accept my invitation which was offered in the first place, I’m not going to accept yours, let me know when you change your mind!”

Mr Doyle responded: “Hi Owen, you’ve imagined I’m upset about what you’ve said. Which is fine, but that’s all in your head. You do this a lot.

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“You’ve refused to come on my podcast, you’ve yet to explain why -why can’t we just have a conversation?”

Mr Doyle discussed this with Mr Galloway who shared his thoughts on Mr Jones following an interview he had with him during the Batley and Spen by-election. 

He said: “You’re lucky you have escaped this encounter with Mr Owen Jones because he is one of the most vituperative, viperous practitioners of this kind of politics.

“And he is very easily shot down, for example, for reasons I won’t bore you with which are all to do with my opposition to the SNP and separatism – I for the first time in my life voted for the Conservatives [in the Scottish elections].

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“Owen Jones, with his broken bottle in the face approach, declared he could under no circumstances vote Conservative. 

“My response was that you would vote for Macron against Marine Le Pen, therefore you in those circumstances vote to defeat Marine Le Pen.”

Marine Le Pen is the party leader of the French National Rally which has ties to the far-right. 

Mr Galloway said the “fanaticism” behind some left-wing politics is easily defeated and also pointed out the “top” of the European Union are Conservatives which is at odds to left-wing pro-EU campaigners saying they would never support Conservatives. 

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Mr Jones interviewed Mr Galloway during the Batley and Spen by-election where the pair clashed over the Labour Party Mr Galloway was seeking to defeat. 

Following the by-election, Mr Galloway branded Mr Jones as “loathsome” before stating he and people like him were the reason people were turning their backs on the party. 

He said on his Mother of all Talkshows: “Because you have led the way, you and people like you, have led the way in the anathematization of the British working class.

“Because they don’t think like you talk like you, because they don’t dress like you, because their social and cultural norms are not the same as you, you have blaggarded them.”

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