Furious Tory MP savages BBC Newsnight for making Boris look like Hannibal Lecter’

Tory MP accuses BBC of biased graphics against Boris Johnson

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Speaking at BBC Newsnight, Conservative MP Adam Holloway hit out at the BBC over pictures of Boris Johnson selected to accompany a package over his no-confidence vote. After showing an image of the Prime Minister on his iPad to justify his claim, he commented on the image and said “look at that! He’s got razor blades”. He insisted “this has been blown out of proportion” in relation to the Partygate scandal before concluding that the county “should actually be thanking him”.

Mr Holloway said: “There is great damage to the reputation of politics.

“And I think at some point it should also do great damage to organisations like the BBC.

“This programme I am on now, we’re showing pictures of him looking like Hannibal Lecter at the beginning.

Presenter Mark Urban replied: “Oh, come on.”

Mr Holloway then showed an image of Boris Johnson on his iPad and said: “Okay, I can show you here.

“Look at that! He’s got razor blades.

“I mean, does that guy look like someone who has, you know, been given a birthday cake or someone who, you know, has been locked up for something at the Old Bailey?

“I mean, this thing has been blown totally out of proportion.

“Actually we should be thanking this man”.

Hannibal Lecter is the fictional serial killer and canonical character created by novelist Thomas Harris and played by actor Anthony Hopkins in the film The Silence of the Lambs.

Mr Holloway appeared on the programme after the Prime Minister won his confidence vote.

The Prime Minister won by 211 votes to 148, a result believed to be worse than Theresa May’s confidence vote in 2018.

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Despite 41 percent of his party having voted against him, Boris Johnson commented the ballot he went through was “very important” as it allows the government to “draw a line” under the latest issues he has faced lately.

In light of the vote outcome, Deputy PM Dominic Raab urged Boris Johnson’s critics to “respect the result” of the no-confidence ballot as “the Prime Minister won it clearly”.

Speaking to Sky News, he stressed: “The Prime Minister won it with 59 percent, that is actually more than he got in terms of support when he was elected leader of the Conservative party.

“We have had that vote now, I think it was the prerogative of those calling for it to have it, the prime minister won it clearly, he won it by 63 votes and now the most important thing I think is to respect that result and to move forward”.

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