Furious OAP slams NHS for throwing vulnerable Britons ‘under the bus’ during Covid crisis

NHS: Caller hits out at system over handling of COVID-19

The NHS has come under considerable strain because of the coronavirus crisis due to the high number of hospitalisations and patients in need of care. But seething talkRADIO caller Jan, 76, questioned the health service over the handling of the pandemic after she struggled to access non-Covid treatment from her GP. The Cambridgeshire resident noted she had to resort to private care after failing to secure an appointment with an NHS-registered GP.

Jan said: “I’m going to be 77 one month from today. I am one of the vulnerable elderly that they are going to look after and protect.

“Well, sorry, but I am not.

“I was given a prescription which I then took to my local chemist and paid £23 for. Now, I’m entitled to free prescriptions.

“So the NHS has now cost me £273, which I shouldn’t have to spend.”

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She continued: “Why are they giving us all this rubbish about ‘protect the vulnerable and the elderly?’

“They’re throwing us under the bus unless we have Covid. Covid is the only thing they care about at the moment.

“It’s just appalling.”

A report from The Health Foundation released in early December found the coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on non-Covid NHS care across England.

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Early in the pandemic, GPs were advised to switch in-person appointments to remote methods, resulting in 2 million fewer appointments in October 2019 compared to the same period the previous year.

The number of people attending A&E also sharply dropped year on year, with 48 percent fewer people seeking medical care in April 2020 because of lockdown preventing major injuries as well as people being reluctant to be treated in hospital.

The combination of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the winter months has added extra pressure on NHS staff despite the coronavirus vaccine fuelling hopes the end of the crisis could be in sight.

Hospitals across England had to divert patients 44 times within the last week, the highest number for four years, because of beds starting to run out.

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Chris Hopson, NHS Providers’ chief executive, said: “It already feels like we’re in the grips of a really bad winter, and there’s a very long way to go.”

Boris Johnson announced this week the resurgence in coronavirus cases will not impact the Christmas relaxation of COVID-19 rules planned for next week.

He however insisted Britons should keep their gatherings contained so as to avoid the further spread of the virus.

Mr Johnson said: “A smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas, and a shorter Christmas is a safer Christmas.

“We do know things will be better in this country by Easter

“And I’m sure that next year Christmas will be as normal for every family in the country.”

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