Furious drivers blast dishonest Sadiq Khan and warn of ULEZ death knell

High Court ruling allows Sadiq Khan to roll out ULEZ expansion

Howard Cox, the director of Fair Fuel UK, has blasted London Mayor Sadiq Khan after this morning’s court defeat for anti-ULEZ councils.

The High Court judged Mr Khan’s expansion of the ultra-low emissions zone is lawful, but anti-ULEZ campaigners haven’t taken to ruling lying down.

Howard Cox, who is standing for London Mayor next year in the hope to highlight Sadiq Khan’s war on the motorist, told the Express that this battle may have been lost, “but the war continues”.

He said: “Like me, Londoners will be sick to the pit of their stomachs that this dishonest Mayor will now crow that he has the legal right to punish low-income Londoners to allegedly breathe cleaner air.

“The judge had no choice, it seems, but to back Sadiq Khan. A battle lost but the war continues.”

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“His lies about health fatality data and ignoring public consultations were not presented to the Judge.”

Mr Cox concluded: “This is a death knell for our capital’s economy.”

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) also condemned Mr Khan, saying his policy will have a “disastrous effect on over 300,000 drivers and motorcyclists in outer London”.

Bob Bull, chairman of ABD said he was disappointed with today’s court judgement, but pointed out that “Judicial Review merely confirms that ‘due process’ was used. It does not examine the merits of the decision, which received overwhelming opposition in the consultation”.

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“Being charged £12.50 a day will have a disastrous effect on over 300,000 drivers and motorcyclists in outer London; also over a million more who visit London and contribute significantly to its economy. 

“Sadiq Khan once pledged not to expand ULEZ if opposition was overwhelming. It was – by 73 percent to 27 percent. The Mayor should honour his promise. 

“He has no democratic mandate for this extreme expansion. He will shortly find out how ‘overwhelming’ the response will be from a public fed up with being taken for granted.”

Responding to this morning’s court decision, Mr Khan said it allows him to “press on with the difficult but vital task of cleaning up London’s air and tackling the climate crisis”.

However The Tories’ newly-selected London Mayoral Candidate Susan Hall said: “There is no denying that Sadiq Khan’s plans will have a devastating impact on families and businesses across the city.”

Ms Hall warned Labour that if she is elected Mayor next year: “I will stop the ULEZ expansion on day one.”

The court case was brought against Mr Khan by four London boroughs and Surrey County Council, arguing the expansion was unlawful on four grounds, including the terms of the offered scrappage scheme.

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