Furious Boris Johnson loyalist shuts down Kay Burley in Twitter row over ex-PM

Boris Johnson: MPs vote in favour of Partygate report

A Boris Johnson loyalist became embroiled in a Twitter row with Kay Burley over the former PM.

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns tweeted a lengthy statement last night after MPs backed a report which concluded Mr Johnson lied to Parliament over partygate.

Ms Jenkyns branded it a “sham and spiteful show trial”, adding: “Events over these last few months have been a sham.

“A democratically elected prime minister has been ousted. Like a pack of wolves the left, including the left-wing media, haven’t stopped until they got their prey.

“And the suspension of a former PM from Parliament is in my view spiteful.

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“We didn’t stand a chance of defeating this vote this evenng, mathematically impossible seeing as a lot of my own party MPs, who incidentally would not have been elected without Boris, chose to vote with the opposition.

“It was decided today collectively that those MPs who truly felt this whole episode has been unjust to together boycott this and not legitimise this report.

“We couldn’t win this in the Commons. But as they say, this is just one battle. I will certainly not give up. Let’s keep standing up for democracy and fairness. I will always back Boris, our democratically elected PM.”

But Ms Burley responded: “Ousted? Didn’t Boris Johnson resign?”

Ms Jenkyns then highlighted how the Sky News presenter breached Covid regulations.

The Conservative MP said: “It’s fine being sanctimonious Kay, but didn’t you break lockdown rules?

“Seems rather hypocritical of you to have been so critical of Boris Johnson these last few years! #PeopleInGlassHouses.”

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Ms Burley was taken off air for six months in December 2020 after hosting a birthday party which broke coronavirus rules.

The Sky News presenter later admitted she was an “idiot” for breaching lockdown.

She told the Daily Mail: “I thought I was Covid-compliant. I wasn’t. I made a mistake. I was an idiot and I let myself and my viewers down.

“I’m sorry for what I did and for any heartache I caused the loyal friends with me at the time. I was appropriately sanctioned.

“I paid for my mistake, quite rightly. My viewers told me how frustrated they were with me and they were right to do so.

“With time, the mood music changed and my viewers wanted me back.”

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