‘Fragile male ego’ Sturgeon taunts Boris as she reels from latest Indyref2 poll blow

Nicola Sturgeon outlines Scotland's actions on climate change

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And Scotland’s First Minister has also voiced her bemusement at Mr Johnson’s reluctance to be “metaphorically in the same room as me”. Meanwhile, she has been dealt a setback in the shape of a new poll suggesting 52 percent of Scots now oppose independence.

The First Minister claimed most of Mr Johnson’s interactions with devolved administrations were delegated to Communities Secretary Michael Gove.

She explained: “He tends to delegate most of his interactions with the devolved governments to Michael Gove.

“That’s fine, Michael Gove and I work together well, but it’s a different approach to his predecessors.”

Maybe it’s just a bit of a fragile male ego

Nicola Sturgeon

During her interview with Vogue magazine prior to the start of COP26, she added: “Maybe it’s just a bit of a fragile male ego.

“He seems to have a disinclination to be, metaphorically speaking, in the same room as me. It’s odd.”

On her campaign for Scottish independence, the First Minister said: “There’s no status quo.

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“The UK that people wanted to stay a part of in 2014 arguably does not exist any longer.”

She also spoke about the importance of the summit’s attempt to limit global warming to 1.5C.

Ms Sturgeon said: “It probably is the last chance the world has to reach an agreement that is specific enough to meet the Paris 1.5 degrees target.

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“It’s a massive opportunity, but I think there will be a real difficulty if that opportunity is not taken.”

Discussing the future of the oil and gas industry, she said: “This has not been an easy thing for somebody in my position and in the political tradition I come from to say.

“But we have to ask ourselves whether new exploration for oil and gas is consistent with meeting the climate change imperatives.”

Excluding ‘Don’t Knows’, the Savanta ComRes poll of 1,005 of Scottish adults 1,005 adults, aged 16 and over interviewed between October 22 and 28, indicated 48 percent were in favour of independence – compared with 52 percent against.

With ‘Don’t Knows’ included, 45 percent of Scots backed ‘Yes’, 48 percent backed ‘No’, and seven percent were undecided.

A similar split applied with respect to a second independence referendum, regardless of timing, with 45 percent wanting a second vote, 47 percent opposed and nine percent stating they did not know.

The poll also shows the SNP’s electoral dominance, on 48 percent in the constituency vote, giving the party a commanding 26 point lead over Labour on 22 percent, with the Tories two points further adrift on 20 percent.

Commenting, Pamela Nash, chief executive of pro-Union campaign group Scotland in Union, said: “This is yet another poll showing that a majority of people in Scotland want to remain part of the UK.

“The SNP should drop its obsession with trying to divide us and focus on what really matters to communities.”

She added: “Rather than scrapping the pound and building a border with England, as part of the UK we can spend more on our schools and hospitals, protect jobs and livelihoods, and influence the world so that we can tackle the climate emergency.”

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