Emmanuel Macron POLL: Should President apologise to UK after Oxford jab claims debunked?

Emmanuel Macron: Layla Moran hits out at 'stupid' comments

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Today the French government has changed its guidelines to allow for those between 65-74 to receive the vaccine, after stating it should be for only those under the age range. Indeed, Mr Macron claimed the AstraZeneca/Oxford University drug was “quasi ineffective” but has been forced to change guidelines following the release of a new study from Public Health England (PHE) on Monday. According to data from PHE, one shot of the drug offers a reduction in hospitalisations by over 80 percent for those above 80 years old three to four weeks after the first shot.

Amid Mr Macron’s U-turn on the vaccine, Express.co.uk is asking today: “Should Macron apologise to the UK after AstraZeneca vaccine claims debunked?”

The data from PHE also showed the vaccine provided 60-73 percent protection four weeks after the first jab.

Following the release of the data on Monday, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer professor Jonathan Van-Tam, claimed it had “vindicated” the UK’s vaccine plan.

Professor Van-Tam also claimed the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had taken the view it was not plausible for the vaccine to work for younger age groups and not older ones.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, also stated the use of a single-shot vaccine had caused hospitalisation for the over-80s to drop to single figures in the last few weeks.

The World Health Organisation has also approved of the Oxford drug’s efficacy and approved of the single-shot programme.

However, in January, Mr Macron said: “The real problem on AstraZeneca is that it doesn’t work the way we were expecting it to.

“We’re waiting for the EMA results, but today everything points to thinking it is quasi-ineffective on people older than 65, some say those 60 years or older.”

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Due to Mr Macron’s claims over the drug and the UK’s strategy, some EU leaders challenged the French leader.

Some EU leaders expressed their fury that Mr Macron and Angela Merkel had now impacted vaccine take-up rates across the bloc after doubting the vaccine. 

Following an EU summit last week, one leader said: “The point was raised by some leaders indeed.

“I cannot say who and when it was raised.


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“There are in some countries some doubts and I think that the question was more to get clarification on if it was true or not and since then I think the commission has reacted to this.”

Both France and Germany have seen their vaccine programmes struggle due to the scepticism surrounding the UK drug.

According to Our World in Data, the UK is now vaccinating 31.07 people per 100.

In contrast, France and Germany are recording rates of 6.99 and 7.42 respectively, according to the figures.

Ms Merkel had also issued her concern over the drug and insisted she will not take the jab.

As the government does not approve the use of the drug for the over-65s, Ms Merkel said she would follow the official guidelines.

With vaccine figures so low, Carsten Watzl, head of the German Society for Immunology called on the government to allow the use of the vaccine.

Due to the data now stating the efficacy of the vaccine, Professor Watzl claimed the directive will soon be reversed.

Professor Watzl added: “I think Germany will also reverse course soon,

“In order for us to reach our vaccination goals we need people to get this vaccine.

“We do know that the vaccine works in that age group.

“The recent data from Scotland clearly show it elicits an immune response, the elderly are protected from severe disease by this vaccine.”

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