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Russia: Farage asks ‘how do we stop Putin?’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin “used” the UK’s departure from the EU to “destabilise” the West, according to some analysts, who claim Brexit was a key factor in Putin’s long-term goals. Science and politics author Marcus Chown told his nearly 50,000 Twitter followers that there was a direct link between Brexit and the conflict.

He said: “Unfortunately, a vote for Brexit was a vote for Putin to invade Ukraine because it weakened the Western alliance and emboldened Putin.”

Former civil servant Siobhan Benita made a similar argument suggesting it was a “shame that all those patriots who voted for Brexit didn’t ask a few more questions about why Russia was so keen for the UK to leave the European Union”.

Journalist John Nicholson, writing for Football 365 this week, argued that Putin had used such tactics alongside manipulating Donald Trump and Brexit to reach his goals, suggesting that the referendum has in part played a role in today’s war.

Talking about the UK Government, Mr Nicholson wrote: “Pity they did not think that super-wealthy foreign nationals, oligarchs, sheikhs and states owning our football clubs and much of the infrastructure and utilities of this country was actually surrendering our nation to powers who do not have our best interests at heart.

“Vladimir Putin wanted to destabilise and weaken the EU and he used Brexit and Donald Trump to do it.

“It made Putin’s self-belief stronger. Look at how he could manipulate the western fools. Now look where that has led.”

In the latest developments on the ground in Ukraine, Russian troops have taken Kherson, making it the first city to fall after the invasion began a week ago.  

Analysts believe this latest move will enable Putin to establish a bridgehead to allow troops to cross the River Dnieper and attack Kyiv from a second direction.

So what do YOU think? Did Brexit contribute to the invasion of Ukraine? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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