Councillors urge schools to fly Union flag, display Queen portraits and teach anthem

Cancel culture slammed by radio presenter Patrick Christys

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Oldham Council Conservatives will debate a motion on Wednesday called “For Queen and Country”, which discusses potentially installing a picture of Queen Elizabeth II in “a prominent place” in every school in the Oldham area, fly the national flag of Great Britain and ensure every pupil knows the national anthem and its history.

The Tory councillors aim to secure an official stance against “cancel culture” in the debate, as reported exclusively by

They also aim to get an affirmation from elected representatives protecting the notions of freedom of speech and democracy.

If approved, Harry Catherall, chief executive of Labour-run Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, will then write to Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson asking for support for the plans.

The motion stated: “Saying you are proud to be British should not be a source of shame, and there is nothing wrong with patriotism of flying our national flag.

“It is one of many things that binds our society together.”

Dave Arnott, Tory councillor of Royton North ward, proposed the motion which was seconded by Cllr Pam Byrne.

Cllr Arnott was elected after defeating the incumbent Labour Party candidate in the local elections held in May.

His patriotic proposal asks the council to “cherish” free speech and refute “cancel culture”.

The debate will be held on Wednesday evening with a full council.

Continuing, the motion said the UK is a “unique bastion of freedom and that we should be proud of the outstanding role it has played across the world”.

It added: “We all have heroes in our communities – whether they are historical or present day, and we should properly celebrate these individuals, and their contribution to our country.

“This Council rejects the phenomena known as ‘Cancel Culture’ and that it holds these truths to be self-evident, that of freedom of speech and democracy.

“Truths which must be cherished and defended.”

Oldham Liberal Democrat Councillor Sam Al-Hamdani told he wouldn’t “dismiss” the ideas put forward by the Tories.

But he said: “It’s not a motion that’s needed in Oldham, it just seems like an attempt to get on a cultural bandwagon.”

Philip Rogers, a former Oldham Tory councillor slated the motion and urged the opposition group to be more effective.

He added: “There are more important things than this like holding the Labour Council to account as an opposition should.”

It comes after a row erupted in June after the Government appeared to back a campaign that urged school children to sing a patriotic song celebrating the British union.

The SNP and Scottish Government ministers hit out at the Department for Education (DfE) supporting One Britain One Nation (OBON) Day through the singing of a patriotic song.

The lyrics include: “We are Britain, And we have one dream, To unite all people, In one great team.”

The DfE said it was encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate OBON Day in June, so “children can learn about our shared values of kindness, pride and respect”.

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