Colorado Prop 117 results: In first returns, voters want want to decide new fees in a tight race

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Proposition 117, a ballot measure that would require certain proposed state fees to be approved by voters in future elections, is seeing 50.5% support with 38% of the vote counted Tuesday.

The race is tight with 49.5% of votes counted opposing the measure.

The conservative-led initiative asks voters to make state government ask permission before creating new state enterprises if the projected or actual revenue from fees and surcharges is expected to exceed $100 million within the first five years.

Advocates of Proposition 117 say the state legislature’s ability to create new fees is a loophole in Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, which requires voter approval of all tax increases.

Opponents of the measure, however, argue that requiring voter approval of fees would restrict funding of needed programs and operations, including for school districts.

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