Chris Whitty hit with extraordinary attack by Boris ally as vicious in-fighting erupts

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Joy Morrisey, a Parliamentary Private Secretary in Boris Johnson’s Government, lashed out at England’s Chief Medical Officer after he suggested Britons should “prioritise” their social gatherings in the run-up to Christmas.

At a press conference last night he warned regular mixing would increase the risk of infection from the Omicron Covid variant and mean spending Christmas in isolation.

His words appeared to go further than the Prime Minister, to told the public: “We’re not cancelling events

“We’re not closing hospitality. We’re not cancelling people’s parties or their ability to mix.”

With Omicron rapidly spreading across the country and fears there will be more than a million infections a day by the end of next week, the scientists have been eager to urge the public to be cautious when getting together.

However, In an extraordinary intervention this morning, Ms Morrissey, who works in the Foreign Office, let rip at Professor Whitty’s advice.

She said on social media: “Perhaps the unelected Covid public health spokesperson should defer to what our elected Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister have decided.

“I know it’s difficult to remember but that’s how democracy works.

“This is not a public health socialist state.”

She deleted her Twitter message half an hour after sending it.

More to follow…

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