Brexiteer John Redwood mocks Barnier in scathing tirade after Boris puts EU in its place

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Boris Johnson followed through on his self-imposed deadline for a Brexit trade deal this week after Downing Street said talks between the UK and EU are “over”. Sir John Redwood praised the Prime Minister’s decision, hailing it as a “big move forward”. Speaking to Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy of Brexit Unlocked, Sir John issued a scathing assessment of the EU, saying they should “not expect to boss us around anymore”.

The leading Brexiteer MP said: “My message to Barnier is save the money on the ticket and the danger of travelling on public transport at a dangerous time unless you really do understand that we intend to be independent.

“It’s no more fish on the cheap, no more control by your court, and no more of you making laws for us.

“We are happy to trade with you but don’t expect to boss us around anymore.”

He went on to urge Brexiteers “on the verge of victory” to keep up the pressure on the UK Government.

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Sir John noted: “We made a big move forward today but we still haven’t got rid of the spectre of compromise of the wrong kind.”

On Friday, Boris Johnson sent a defiant message to Brussels as No 10 argued there was “no point” in discussions continuing next week unless the EU was prepared to back down.

UK chief negotiator Lord Frost went on to tell his EU counterpart Mr Barnier that the planned talks on Monday were scrapped.

Michael Gove echoed Boris Johson’s warning this morning, arguing that the UK will brave the “turbulence” of a no deal Brexit because the EU has refused to give any ground.

In a stunning intervention, Mr Gove, who is seen by Brussels as a skeptic of no deal Brexit, said that Britain was preparing to leave without a deal.

One cabinet source told The Sunday Times: “The wobbliest Brexiteer in government is now nailed on for no deal.”

Mr Gove accused Brussels of reneging on a pledge to agree a Canada-style trade deal, saying: “What’s good enough for British Columbia is too good for the British people.”

Also in his interview with Brexit Unlocked, Sir John Redwood lashed out against German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the Brexit trade deal talks.


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The Tory MP complained that Ms Merkel didn’t acknowledge that the UK was determined to be an individual nation separate from the EU.

Mr Redwood said: “As I understand the Prime Ministers statement, he is saying we are not looking for a compromise on state aid, EU courts and grabbing our fish.

“It is not a question of us wanting you to grab a bit less, we wish to be an independent country.

“What doesn’t Merkel understand about that? She is a clever woman.”

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