Brexit RUINED! New Starmer-Sturgeon plot to defy will of British people if Boris toppled

Brexit: ‘Stop winding the French up!’ Boris warned

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The UK ended nearly 50 years of membership to the European Union when it formally left the bloc just over a year ago, freeing the nation from the shackles of strict Brussels rule. Boris Johnson delivered on his general election manifesto to “get Brexit done” and has insisted Britain will be a much stronger power outside the EU. But the Prime Minister is facing a huge fight to hang onto his job amid the “partygate” scandal, with several of his own Tory backbenchers demanding he resign.

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, has warned if Mr Johnson is forced out as Prime Minister, “the entire Brexit project would be under severe threat”.

He believes the left see the current situation as an “opportunity to bring down the entire Brexit process” by forcing an early general election and forcing the Prime Minister out of 10 Downing Street.

But Mr Gardiner also warned of a potential Labour Party/SNP coalition forming that would “defy the will of the British people and tear Brexit to pieces”.

The foreign policy analyst told “We have to look at the big picture – Boris Johnson delivered Brexit, he is a Prime Minister who changed the course of British history for the better.

“But if he was to go, the entire Brexit project would be threatened.

“The left hate Boris because of what he achieved with Brexit over anything else.

“They see toppling Boris as an opportunity to bring down the entire Brexit process.

“There could be an early general election, and the polls show Labour with a significant lead.”

Mr Gardiner added: “This is a very cynical exercise to try and remove Boris from power and force an early general election and undo the entire Brexit project.

“I’m in no doubt that if Labour and the SNP formed some sort of coalition, they would defy the will of the British people and tear Brexit to pieces.”

He insisted that while all ministers found to have any involvement in Downing Street lockdown parties must be held to account, it is crucial there is not a change of Prime Minister as Russia war fears explode.

Russia has massed tens of thousands of troops along its border with Ukraine – although President Vladimir Putin has insisted there are no plans to escalate the conflict.

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But Mr Johnson and his Foreign Secretary Liz Truss have urged Russia to withdraw the troops from the border and warned if there is a further incursion, Moscow will be slapped with crippling sanctions.

Mr Gardiner concluded: “At this time as well, when we are facing the prospect of a major war in Europe, this is not the moment to be talking about removing the Prime Minister.

“Britain and the Prime Minister have to lead and so far, he’s doing a good job on the Ukraine crisis.

“We need to focus on what really matters.”

Earlier this week, the UK said it is putting 1,000 troops on standby amid growing fears of a horrific “humanitarian disaster” if the Russian build-up and potential invasion of Ukraine leads to war.

Mr Johnson travelled to Poland on Thursday in what is seen as a huge show of support for a fellow NATO ally.

In Moscow, Ms Truss met her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov with the West continuing to warn over the consequences of invading Ukraine.

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