Brexit fury: Remainer Dominic Grieve suffers furious backlash for ‘I told you so’ remark

Brexit: Dominic Grieve believes UK will be more 'damaged' than EU

The Remainer claimed on talkRADIO a no deal Brexit would be very damaging for Britain and the difference would be visible as early as January. He added that the European Union would be damaged by a no deal Brexit but the trading bloc would not suffer as much as the UK.

Mr Grieve said: “I am afraid that some of the things I predicted a year ago seem to be on the point of happening which is not in our country’s interest and bother me very much.”

He added regarding a no deal Brexit: “It will be very damaging for us.

“When we wake up in early January if we leave with no deal I think we will notice the difference.

“It will be a difference that is going to continue not just a blip difference for a week or two.

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“It is something that will have a persistent impact on our economic well-being.

“I think that in the course of months and indeed years we will find that economically we perform less well than our competitors.”

The Remainer also stated: “Europe will be damaged but it will not be damaged to the extent we will be damaged.”

However, listeners took to social media to share their thoughts on Mr Grieve’s comments.

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One Twitter user said: “Grieve gave NO ‘for instance’ and just waffled through his tired portfolio of project fear.

“I can’t wait until early January.”

Another tweeted: “Dominic Grieve complains a lot.”

A third said: “@DominicGrieve1 and those like him are responsible for the state we are in. Talk about divide and conquer.

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“@BorisJohnson has not only be battling the EU he’s also been tackling the entrenched Brexit saboteurs who reside within the British Parliament.”

Another tweeted: “I’d forgotten he even existed.”

A fifth wrote: “Did he predict losing his seat at the last GE? Not very good at predictions is he.”

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