Boris tears into Starmer with brutal attack ‘Try YouTube!’ – Speaker forced to intervene

PMQs: Boris Johnson urges Keir Starmer to ‘consult YouTube’

Boris Johnson cast doubt on Sir Keir Starmer’s research skills as he suggested the Opposition leader should have checked out YouTube before preparing his PMQs questions. The pair locked horns on a variety of topics but questions on cladding reform sparked fierce rebuttal from the Prime Minister. Tension rose to such a level Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was forced to intervene to bring back the debate to a smooth proceeding.

Mr Johnson said: “In respect to the Right Honourable’s last question, can I advise him to consult YouTube, where he will find an answer.

“But he raises a very important point about cladding and the predicament of many leaseholders.

“He’s absolutely right this is a problem that needs to be fixed, this Government is getting on with it. 95 percent of high-rise buildings with unsafe ACL cladding….work is under way to remove that.”

Sir Keir however appeared unsatisfied by the response and launched into further questioning to challenge the Prime Minister.


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The Labour leader hit back: “Whatever the Prime Minister claims is being done, isn’t working.

“This is the situation – through no fault of their own people, especially leaseholders, are stuck in the middle.

“They are living in unsafe homes, they can’t sell and they’re being asked to foot the bill.”

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