Boris says Zelensky has asked for his help on Ukraine

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“I’m proud of the things I was able to contribute. God knows we got some things wrong but we got a lot of big things right. I think, overall, we’ve put in long-term changes that will be massively for the better in this country.”

Mr Johnson’s pivotal role in leading the West’s response on Ukraine has led to a close relationship with President Zelensky, who he visited last week.

“I saw him just the other day, and he’s keen for me to keep my hand in somehow and, you know, I’m not going to be a part of the new Government and to be clear about that, but I will obviously continue to campaign for Ukraine.”

Mr Johnson was given a warm welcome on his third trip to Kyiv last week to meet the Ukraine President.

The visit coincided with the nation’s Independence Day, which has been celebrated every day since 1991, on August 24.

He extended the UK’s financial support with a multi-million-pound package for Ukraine.

Last week, the government announced it will provide a further £54million for Ukraine in its pushback against Putin’s Russia.

It included a team of 850 ‘Black Hornet’ drones to assist troops and ‘loitering’ munition systems.

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