Boris savages Sturgeon over Scottish independence plot ‘blindingly obvious to everyone!

Boris Johnson: This is not the time to have another referendum

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The Prime Minister said it is “blindingly obvious to everyone” that a fresh vote on splitting the Union should not be held as Vladimir Putin’s devastating invasion of Ukraine continues. Mr Johnson also insisted public services and the economy need time to recover from the Covid pandemic.

Addressing the Scottish Tory conference in Aberdeen on Friday, the Prime Minister urged the SNP leader to abandon her bid for a second independence referendum next year.

Mr Johnson said it is time to move “beyond the parochialism and constitutional myopia of the SNP” and is “not the time for yet more delectable disputations about the constitution”.

The Prime Minister praised Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross as “the only political leader in Scotland to be saying loud and clear what is blindingly obvious to everyone – that this is not the moment to be having another referendum”.

He added that the timing was wrong “when our European continent is being ravaged by the most vicious war in Europe since 1945 and when public services and the economy need to recover from the pandemic”.

Mr Johnson claimed Labour and the SNP would enter into coalition at the next General Election as he dubbed the two parties the “terrible twins”.

The Prime Minister accused Labour of preferring to work with Ms Sturgeon’s party to bring him down rather than trying to stop independence.

Mr Johnson said: “Be in no doubt that at any UK General Election it would be those terrible twins – Labour and the Nats, the Scottish National Party – each vying to be more left wing, more high-taxing, more generally hectoring and bossy and nannying, that would try to form a coalition.

“And, by the way, be in no doubt that Labour would rather work with the Nationalists to bring down this government, than work with us to stop the SNP from breaking up Britain.”

The Prime Minister added: “When we face so many challenges but also when we have so much going for us, so much to look forward to, let’s put that endless confected division behind us and let’s take this country forward in a way that makes us all proud – delivering prosperity and opportunity at home, and giving the leadership that makes us a force for good around the world.”

Mr Johnson was given a standing ovation by members at the end of his speech.

But Labour and the SNP hit out at the Prime Minister over his address at the Aberdeen conference.

SNP MSP Rona Mackay said Mr Ross, who recently revoked his letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister from the backbench 1922 Committee, must have “regretted” inviting Mr Johnson.

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She added: “It was an ill-conceived 15-minute charade laced with numerous personal insults and the same old tired bluster but it contained not a single word of comfort for ordinary Scots suffering during this Tory cost of living crisis.

“For a Prime Minister to pitch up and deliver a message bereft of any substance about how he will help families make ends meet exposes just how little he cares about the people of this country.

“Scotland can see right through this partygate Prime Minister who only ever looks out for number one.”

Meanwhile, Shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray fumed at Mr Johnson’s claim that Labour could form an official agreement with the SNP branding it a “barefaced lie”.

Mr Murray said: “Labour have been clear that there will be no coalitions and no stitch-ups with the SNP after the next general election.

“This is desperate behaviour from a man who has done more for independence than Nicola Sturgeon could dream of.”

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