Boris Johnson told to ‘take control of the country’ to make Brexit successful

Former MP: "Boris won’t lead Tories into next election"

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The UK has been free from the EU for two years now but progress has been stalled under Mr Johnson’s leadership. Earlier this week the European Union took legal action against the UK’s Northern Ireland Protocol Bill. The EU claims that plans to override aspects of the 2019 Brexit deal to simplify trade with Northern Ireland are a violation of international law.

Mr Johnson’s solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol row has proven unpopular with many legislators opposed to unilateral attempts to overturn its contents.

Some Britons have accused Mr Johnson of using the EU’s fight to cover the resulting fallouts from Partygate and Conservcative confidence vote.

Last week Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he opposed new Brexit legislation to ease trade and claimed ministers should try and reach an agreement with the EU.

One of his top shadow ministers and Cardiff MP Anna McMorrin admitted that if Labour gained power they would try to undo Brexit and “renegotiate the deal”.

As a result, readers were asked: “What do you want to see Boris do to make Brexit a success?”

Some commented that firstly any Remainers in Government should leave.

Username RINGOCAB wrote: “Get rid of all Remainers in the Government.”

While username Dogglebird said: “Make Lord Nigel Farage his Brexit minister – and then put him in charge of all aspects of Brexit.”

Another, username Tunnicliffe said: “Have a purge of all the Remainers in the cabinet and Government.”

They added: “Sort out Article 16 and go to WTO, no more money to EU and repeal ECHR laws they’re holding us back.”

Some suggested that Mr Johnson withdrew the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The European Court of Human Rights which upholds the ECHR grounded the first flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda earlier this week.

Following this, former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage called for the UK leaves the court’s jurisdiction.

On Wednesday, June 15, he tweeted: “Left-wing lawyers now dictate our immigration policy. Time to leave the ECHR and finally complete Brexit.”

One reader, username sebsmit said: “Sever all connections with the European Court of Justice, replace the ECHR with our own human rights charter.”

Username INLOVEWITHDEMOCRACY said: “Ditch any foreign involvement in the UK’s affairs; that means, of course, ditching the ECHR now!”

And username Purplecat said: “WTO and no more payments to the EU, enough of this Brino and get out of the ECHR.”

Another, username Observer said: “Leave the ECHR, sort out the Northern Ireland problems and give our fishermen their fishing grounds back.

“And get rid of all the illegal immigrants. In other words, take control of the country!”


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Other readers also argued that Mr Johnson needed to reclaim fishing rights for the UK.

Username Shotorod said: “Reward our fishing communities which have suffered for decades at the hands of the EU.”

And username Wokehater said: “Reclaim our waters from foreign fishing.”

Some thought that Mr Johnson was unable to make Brexit a success and he needed to resign.

Username  Englishman-in-europ said: “Resign. Brexit can only ever be a failure.”

Username Strong like bull said: “As far as I’m concerned the only thing left for Johnson to do is to resign.”

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