Boris Johnson surviving no confidence vote might not mean his problems are solved

Boris Johnson not safe even surviving no confidence vote

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Boris Johnson could face a no-confidence vote as new polls predicted the Conservative party could risk a defeat in Wakefield. In light of the updates, history professor Richard Toye warned the Prime Minister that survival in a potential no-confidence vote might not indicate that all his problems are over. Referring to the no-confidence vote prospect, he stressed the vote the Prime Minister could face is different from previous votes of confidence in governments, which happened quite frequently in the past. “This vote is a party affair and not a House of Commons affair”, he explained.

Speaking at Times Radio, Mr Toye said: “There’s something more.

“There is something deeper that goes on in terms of MPs having confidence.

“Which is about more than just whether or not you can survive a vote.

“It’s about whether or not you can really function as a prime minister.

“Whether you can get your agenda through.

“So one shouldn’t assume just because you’ve sort of survived technically that is going to solve all your problems.”

He also added: “I think that people understandably often get confused between the difference between a vote of no confidence in a prime minister or party leader versus a vote of no confidence in a government.

“Going back in decades or centuries, votes of confidence in governments have happened quite frequently.

“And the governments have fallen as a consequence of losing an important vote in the Commons.

“But this vote, which Boris Johnson is potentially facing, is a party affair.

“It is not a House of Commons or parliamentary affair.”

A survey of voters in Wakefield, who will go to the polls on June 23 to elect a new MP, predicted that Conservatives could lose the by-election by as much as 20 points.

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Following Sue Gray report on Partygate, more than 40 Conservative MPs have so far officially called on the Prime Minister to resign.

Under the party rules, PM Boris Johnson will face a confidence vote only if 54 Conservative MPs submit a no-confidence letter in the Prime Minister.

In light of the increasing number of Tory MPs having called on the Prime Minister to quit his position, Mr Johnson confirmed he will make a series of policy announcements in the next few days with a special focus on the NHS.

The claims also came as the Prime Minister was found being booed by a crowd of onlookers at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Platinum Thanksgiving Service.

This happened as Mr Johnson and his wife were heading inside the Cathedral to attend the service in tribute to the Queen’s 70-year reign.

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