Boris Johnson faces huge Labour problem in latest polls – staggering chart

Conservative: Expert issues warning over popularity

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Boris Johnson’s Government has retained a consistent polling lead since taking power in 2019. Support has surged following one of the most marked economic declines and highest death rates amid the Covid pandemic. But Mr Johnson may be losing his shine amongst the British electorate if one poll is to be believed.

Over the last year, Westminster voting intention has increasingly skewed towards the Conservatives.

Their polling supremacy has come as Labour divides under Keir Starmer, and the Government enjoys a “vaccine bounce”.

The latest data from Politico’s “Poll of Polls” shows Labour is making a bounce of its own.

It’s September 2021 poll shows the Conservatives remain on top with 40 percent of the vote.

Labour lags in second place by six points on 34 percent.

Although this may seem the opposite of promising for the party, it has made a net gain since the last poll.

The current Poll of Polls has Labour up by two percent, while the Conservatives forfeit some of their lead.

The Tories have seen their overall support decrease by four percent.

The remaining parties have drifted significantly behind, each with fewer than 10 percent of the vote share.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens are in third and fourth place on eight and seven percent respectively, while the SNP and Reform parties capture five and three percent each.

UKIP is currently scraping the bottom of the barrel with just two percent, alongside Plaid Cymru on one percent.

The current distance between the UK’s two most successful political parties is at its closest point in seven months.

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The last time Labour came within seven points of the Conservative was in February this year.

Following a losing streak that started in November 2020, the party’s slim lead collapsed to this point from its position neck and neck with the Government in January.

The latest results show the party is making a tentative recovery in the right direction.

Pollsters with YouGov have also noticed the space between the two parties narrow.

In another poll released today, the organisation put the Conservatives in the lead at 38 percent.

They had lost one point, while Labour had managed to gain three points, gathering 34 percent in second place.

But some of those watching the to-and-fro will have noticed Labour has a long way to go.

The latest polling puts the Conservatives in front of Labour for the party’s 148th consecutive week.

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