Boris Johnson drums up support for Ukraine with Donald Trump over lavish dinner

Boris Johnson gets compared to Donald Trump by expert

Boris Johnson met with President Donald Trump last night over a lavish dinner, during which the former Prime Minister is understood to have pressed the issue of support for Ukraine.

A spokesperson for Mr Johnson said he met Donald Trump “to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of Ukrainian victory”.

The meeting is understood to have taken place yesterday, with Mr Trump last night telling the New York Times that he was meeting Mr Johnson for dinner.

The former UK Prime Minister’s trip to the United States also saw him meet with Republican politicians in Texas.

He also met with Mr Trump’s former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, as part of his mission to drum up support for Ukraine.

Throughout his premiership and since leaving office Mr Johnson has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine, visiting the war-torn country several times and calling for the West to provide more weapons and financial support.

But Mr Trump has taken a different stance, refusing to commit to sending military aid to Ukraine if he returned to the White House.

He also would not say who he thought should win the war.

Under Joe Biden’s premiership, the US has committed £38billion ($46.65billion) of arms and equipment to Ukraine over the past year, making it the largest donor of military aid to the country.

The UK is the second largest donor, having committed £5.8billion ($7.16billion).

Despite their differing stances on Ukraine, Mr Johnson and Mr Trump generally have a positive relationship, with the former US President describing the UK politician as a “good man” when he became PM.

At the time, he added: “They call him Britain Trump.”


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