Boris Johnson crisis as Britons urge PM against 10-year Downing Street bid

Boris Johnson slammed by Ian Blackford over 'Tory tax'

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A survey of readers found 56 percent don’t want Mr Johnson to try and beat the Iron Lady’s record, versus 42 percent who do. Mrs Thatcher served as Prime Minister for eleven years, from 1979 to 1990.

Speaking to The Times, a cabinet minister said Mr Johnson is hoping to last even longer in office.

They said: “He’s very competitive. He wants to go on for longer than Thatcher.”

However, a poll of 11,085 found 6,212 don’t want Mr Johnson to “serve another ten years and beat Thatcher’s record”, versus 4,652.

The balance, of two percent, is made up of those who were undecided.

Mr Johnson has come under attack from some Conservatives over planned tax rises and green levies/

Earlier this week he announced a new 1.25 percent National Insurance levy, which will fund the NHS and social care. readers took aim at Mr Johnson, with several accusing him of letting down Tory voters.

One wrote: “10 years?! This useless, egotistical buffoon should not be allowed another 10 minutes, let alone 10 years.”

Another added: “I think he has done more than his fair share of damage to this country already, another ten years of that buffoon doesn’t bear thinking about.”

A third posted: “No way. He’s no longer fit for purpose.

“Broken manifesto promises, immigration, sleaze, lies, shafting the poor and working classes. Betrayal on Brexit.

“The sooner he goes the better. Preferably with a true Tory Brexiteer.”


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Mr Johnson became Prime Minister in July 2019, after Theresa May repeatedly failed to get her Brexit deal through Parliament.

He secured a dramatic victory at the December 2019 general election, leading to Brexit finally taking place the following month.

However some readers challenged his conservative credentials.

Boris Johnson clashes with Peter Bone on immigration

One wrote: “Thatcher was a true conservative, Johnson is not and never has been.”

A second wrote: “The difference is Thatcher was a Tory. We’ve not had a Tory leader since.

“Since then we have had Major the Grey, May the Wet and Boris the Buffoon, but no sign of a Tory in the Party at all.”

From next year a new 1.25 percent National Insurance levy will be added, to fund an £86,000 cap on how much individuals must pay for social care.

The plan has been criticised by some Conservatives, who argue it is regressive and will damage economic growth.

However it passed the House of Commons earlier this week, by 319 voted to 248.
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