Boris confuses viewers as he mimics roaring car engine in CBI speech ‘Brum brum rah rah!

Boris Johnson makes car noises during CBI conference speech

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Boris Johnson delivered an energised speech at the CBI’s annual conference about the UK’s plans to promote electric vehicle uptake among the public but confused watchers after he began making car noises at the podium. Mr Johnson told viewers he was once a motor correspondent before he became prime minister and shared his love of driving the best cars that were on offer at the time. He explained while most electric cars lacked the ‘brum brum rah rah” of petrol engines, they still had the same power and torque as high-end Ferraris during a bizarre clip which confused viewers.

Speaking at the CBI annual conference, Mr Johnson explained the UK would be the home of the new green industrial revolution.

He said the country would have a “first-mover advantage” as it did during the industrial revolution as the UK introduces greener energy.

Mr Johnson also addressed concerns electric vehicles may not be very attractive to people due to their power or their feel.

He explained in his speech: “On Sunday, we derived almost half of this country’s energy needs with the biggest offshore wind production in the world…

“And that tipping point, having been reached, the pace of change is now going to accelerate like a new Tesla.

“Because I can tell you as a former motoring correspondent, EVs may not verbal like sucking doves.

“And they may not have that same brum brum rah rah that you love.

“But they have so much torque that they move off the lights faster than a Ferrari.”

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Mr Johnson added the UK’s technology was rapidly going to change with cars, trucks and “much else besides” utilising electric charging points and renewable energies.

Later on in the speech, Mr Johnson appeared to lose his place in his speech as he desperately pulled out dozens of sheets of paper from his podium.

He asked attendees to forgive him as he spent around 20 seconds in silence attempting to find his place.

Over the next five minutes, as the Prime Minister discussed working from home, Mr Johnson kept pulling out sheets of paper as he tried to reorganise them on his lectern.

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Towards the end of his speech, Mr Johnson discussed his trip to Peppa Pig World and asked CBI executives whether they had visited.

After asking the audience to put their hands up to show who made the trip, the Prime Minister remarked “not enough” of them had visited.

Mr Johnson added the theme park was his “kinda place” before moving onto a more serious point that the creativity of the brand has made it a multi-billion pound business.

The Prime Minister chalked it up to UK creativity which would be key in promoting the jump into electric and renewable technologies.

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