BBCs Ros Atkins exposes huge inconsistency in Germanys climate record ahead of COP26

Ros Atkins exposes huge inconsistency in Germany's climate record

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The BBC’s Ros Atkins reflected on Germany’s difficulties combating climate change. He noted that they remain the highest producer of carbon among all European Union countries. He did add that Germany is taking positive steps forward to reduce its carbon footprint as it forms a coalition.

Mr Atkins said: “Industries are allowed to emit a certain amount of CO2 with the allowance cut over time.

“It is the main tool being used to weed EU industries off the dirtiest fuels.

“First and foremost for them is coal.

“Poland gets 70 percent of its energy from coal, the Government is investing to change this but its deadline to stop using coal is 2049.

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“Then there is Germany, it produces more coal emissions than any other EU country.

“If you look at the top 10 entities that produce emissions in the EU, six of them are German coal power stations.

“This does look likely to change though, the parties in talks to form a new coalition Government in Germany have agreed to end coal by 2030.

“Olaf Scholz of the social democrats is tipped to be the next chancellor.

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Ahead of the G20 meeting in Rome, UK prime minister Boris Johnson highlighted the difficulties of combating this issue.

On his flight to this weekend’s G20 Summit in Rome, the Prime Minister set out an apocalyptic vision of a world of water shortages, war, and mass population migrations if global warming continues unchecked.

He said: “There is clearly no question this is a reality we must face up to.”

Deploying a football metaphor, he claimed humanity was effectively “5-1” down at half-time.

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He said more world leaders must sign up their countries to the global target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

Mr Johnson faces a whirlwind of international diplomacy over the next four days with the G20 followed by COP26 in Glasgow, starting on Monday. His wife Carrie will join him at the UN climate change conference, taking part in a series of events with leaders’ spouses to highlight the environmental threat and other global concerns.

Downing Street says the next few days are “a critical moment for world leaders to demonstrate they can show the climate ambition needed”. A spokesman said: “If we don’t act now, it will be too late.”

Mr Johnson made clear he will use his time in Rome to relentlessly press his counterparts to back the Net Zero push.

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